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Pop Communities website focuses on African communities, their lifestyles, problems and resolutions, development, Leadership, food production and food markets, community tourism, among other things. Due to the challenges most African communities have gone through we have realized that information is power and a knowledgeable community is a rich community. Our focus is to feed the people with as much knowledge on how they can resolve issues and ensure development as they become self-sustaining to the level where another community benefits from what they enjoy. We want to overlook bad leadership by African governments and focus on what can help the people live meaningful lives, alleviate poverty and make their community a place to be. We are focusing a lot on farming to give as much knowledge to farmers as possible so that they can learn on how to utilize their small lands to ensure they are beneficial and can sustain families. This is because farming is the main source of survival for most families in Africa. If they are advised, then they will produce products that will help them live healthy and happy. We also concentrate on projects that need a little push within communities where projects are viable and worthy to be funded. Such projects must be self-sustaining and must be able to push the community to another level especially by alleviating poverty and creating employment for the community members. We have one very successful community group that has managed to buy two shambas(lands) of which they plan to do community projects that will help the community in a big way. The plan is underway and once it is complete the project will appear under community projects that need support. Pop Communities project is pioneered by Pauline Mumbi, a Mother of three and a lover of development in the communities. Pauline also pioneered the Pop Group Karameno ( Located in Nyeri, Mweiga, Mugunda, Karemeno sublocation in Kenya) which traces its routes since 2009 when it was started. She approached her father, Mr. John Francis Maina, who in turn approached two other men in the community and together registered the group and the project started. Today i proudly commend the men who have run the community group with love and passion to see lives changing and desperation ended within the community. They have recently acquired two lands which they are now discussing on way forward on how to benefit the community. Pop Communities, intends to have such replicated ideas across African communities hence the ‘community for community development initiative’ As the pioneer of the idea, I am asking you to join me and my people to support the initiative and help the communities to move to another level. My happiness is to see communities becoming self-sustaining, healthy and simply happy. Help me achieve this by joining me to alleviate poverty in many African Communities.

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